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This series of paintings originated from works on paper that were done in Gallifa, Spain in 2002. The title of the series is taken from the musical composition “Nuages” (Clouds) written by the renowned guitarist and composerDjango Reinhardt. The dominant color of blue in the paintings is a reflection on the light that surrounded me while working in the mountains of Gallifa, Spain just outside Barcelona. Although these works can be seen as aresponse to the landscape, the approach to the formal elements of space and form and the physical support itself is related to my interest in minimalism’s concern with the “object.” The titles are a response to an additional interest in the potential of metaphor to elucidate the inability of language (spoken or written) to go beyond a more personal, or ineffable, response to life through the act of painting; an approach that was inspired through my personal reading of the works of Ludwig Wittgenstein; specifically the “Tractatus-Logico Philosophicus.”


Nuages Cm7
Nuages Ebm
Nuages La Luz-dos
Nuages- Azul en sus ojos en Luz
Nuages- La Luz Uno
Gallifa Drawing

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